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Australia has an enormous opportunity to be bold, to be visionary, and to set our sights on becoming an economic and geopolitical powerhouse.


Australia, indeed the world, has battled a once in a century pandemic, presenting the most challenging economic environment in more than a generation.

ACCI has a vision to take this opportunity and rebuild our great country, to revitalise our future for all and achieve a Better Australia.


Better-Australia Guide

Our Vision:


A smarter, fairer, bigger, more sustainable and more resilient Australia.


There is no question about the most pressing challenges facing Australia.

Most urgently, we need to find a way to move forward in a world where COVID is a reality that we will have to live with for the foreseeable future. We must move beyond repressive restrictions reopening our economy domestically and to the world while ensuring community health and wellbeing. 

Just as importantly, there are key first steps that must be taken if we are to begin our journey toward an even better Australia by 2050!



Key Economic and Social Pillars 

Our nation’s wealth and wellbeing rest on four key pillars reflecting our core economic, social and environmental values; 

Competitive Economy

1. Competitive Economy

An open, competitive, private-sector centred economy providing economic growth and opportunities for Australians to create wealth;

Sustainable Growth

2. Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth delivering the economic, social and environmental outcomes sought by our current and future generations.

Effective governance

3. Effective Governance

Effective governance and efficient government promoting democracy, economic growth, delivering the public goods we need, preserving order and safeguarding our personal freedoms.

Strong Education

4. Strong Education

Strong education and training
systems along with an innovative and entrepreneurial culture supporting and encouraging creativity, new businesses and the commercialisation of new ideas. 

Better Australia 10 Goals

1.  A simple tax and transfer system

2.  Regulation focused on outcomes

3.  Focus R&D policy on commercial opportunities

4.  Low emission energy

5.  Circular economy design

6.  Become an advanced industrial economy

7.  A supportive education and training system

8.  Ensure a larger population

9.  Access to work for all Australians

10. Support free trade

10 goals for 2050

We invite you to join the dialogue.

The future is in our hands.

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